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Training College of Australia is a Registered Training Organisation

Training College of Australia RTO

Training College of Australia is an adult Education provider and Registered Training Organisation (RTO) based in Melbourne, Australia. Our main aim is to provide quality education, and deliver competency based training programs to the early childhood education and care services, First Aid, Business management, and bookkeeping.

We offer pathways to employment through nationally recognised qualifications and short courses in areas of high industry demand. We also offer customised training options for individuals and businesses alike, as well as a full range of leisure and general interest courses.

Training College of Australia (TCA) makes its commitment to the maintenance of high standards in the provision of vocational education and training. This commitment sets all policies and procedures of TCA and it is a requirement of employment that all TCA Trainers and Learners abide by it.

Professional Development Courses

We offer a series of special short courses in the area of Childcare & Family Day Care plus Business & Finance